BSV-7 - Barista SIN 006 Steam Valve Repair 7-pc. Kit

BSV-7 - Barista SIN 006 Steam Valve Repair 7-pc. Kit
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Saeco Barista Steam valve 7 piece repair kit.

Suitable for StarBucks Barista, Estro Profi, Via Venezia, Rio Vapore, and Magic Cappuccino models.

8 piece repair kit includes the following individual items:

(7) 140321461 - OR 2018, Steam Piston O-Rings Black, 2 pcs,

(8) 128870402 - Steam Piston for Water Passage,

(9) 145842664 - Gasket White,

(11) 145840365 - Viton Gasket,

(14) 148620200 - Seal Lower Half Ball,

Petrol Gel - Food Grade Lube for lubricating o-rings.

For Barista exploded parts diagram and parts list, visit our website.

CLICK HERE to watch the instructional video to install this kit in your Saeco espresso machine.

To replace this kit, it will be necessary to have a 2mm Allen key to loosen the Cam at position #4. Take the top cover off. The steam knob is to be pulled straight away (Wedge two screw drivers between the knob and the body. Use gentle but firm pull (no threads). To remove the boiler, remove the four Cap nuts (#50 on the diagram).  Whatever is disconnected or diasassembled, please mark the separated ends or tag the ends. Do not rely on memory no matter how young is your memory. If necessary, it may be necessary to push the switch on the right out of the way to lift the boiler.

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