Elmeco First Class Main Switch

Elmeco First Class Main Switch
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Lighted main switch for the Elmeco First Class only. Includes protection cover.  Switch has 4 wire connection pins. The size is larger than normal switches.. 22 x 33 mm. See picture.

We encourage Fix-It-Yourself for everyone with basic mechanical skills. Guides and diagrams do not make anyone instant expert but provide good help. Always make sure to mark the parts and wires separated. Take pictures after every two or three steps.

Do not use pointed or sharp tools to remove and install seals and gasket. Apply thin film or food grade lube for smooth insertion.

For more information and parts diagram, visit our website at http://partsguru.com/ElmecoFirstClassSlushMachine.html.

Avoid serving over frozen product. It damages the expensive gear motor. Routine maintenance includes lubrication of moving parts and seals. Keep the condenser coil clean for maximum ventilation.

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