Gaggia diffusion Screen & Aluminum Holding Plate

DM0704 Gaggia Filter screen, screw and holding plate in Aluminum, 996530054322
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Gaggia Filter screen (DM0704) 54.5 mm diameter, filter holding plate (DY0036/A) in Aluminum and Stainless Screw. Caution: Aluminum plate may cause side effects to people with Lead Allergy. Consider the option for SS plate (part #0012042). Use for all Gaggia semi automatic models Baby, Classic, Coffee, Carezza, Paros, Tebe, Gran Gaggia, Paros, and KitchenAide model KS100. This filter screen is used in Gaggia commercial espresso machines as well.

To install, remove the filter holding plate & clean the Calcium depoists on & around the old screen holding plate using descaling solution. Apply Food grade lube. Slide the group gasket around the filter holding plate. Fasten the screen holding plate with 6x12 socket head bolts.

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