Gamea Revo Silver Bean to cup fully automatic 120V

Gamea Revo fully automatic Compact Espresso maker 120V
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Please note: We sell three exclusive fully automatic Espresso machines: Gamea Revo, Saeco Royal One Touch Cappuccino & Saeco Aulika Top High speed models. These machines are not sold through Large Box stores, Whole Latte Love, Seattle Coffee Gear or Amazon.These machines are sold by selected dealers in Washington, Ohio and Texas. We sell only the best machines. Market is full of confusing models.
If you need additional information on these machines please contact us.

Gamea Revo Matte Silver color Bean to cup Automatic Espresso

The only Home espresso machine with Touch Screen Technology  

No Knobs - No Buttons - No Switches.

20% Fewer parts reduces leaks & breakdowns.


Operate Program & Maintain like an iPhone

Gamea DIMENSIONS: 11 in (W) X 16.75 in (L) X 14.5 in (H).

CLICK HERE for Gamea Demo Video  

CLICK HERE for Gamea origin

CLICK HERE for Gamea Revo descaling guide 

Gamea Revo delivers quality espresso with rich and beautiful crema,

Well designed, easy to operate & maintain, backed by 28 year Experience in function & quality.

Upgrade a Jura, Gaggia, Philip/Saeco to a better Gamea Revo Espresso maker.

You will be happy, you did.



1- Adjustable cup height from 2" to 4.25 inch tall.

2- Espresso adjustable from one Oz.(30 ml.) to 8 Oz.(240 ml.). Rinse cycle for cleaning passage from previous coffee & warm up passage for next Brew.

3- Automatic milk frother for 60 seconds auto shut off steaming. Repeat or terminate steaming as  needed.

4- Voltage: 120V 60Hz; Power: 1350 Watts. Start up & rinsing takes 1 minute 45 seconds.

5- Adjustable water temperature to maximum 180F in the cup.

6- Easy access removable Water tank: 0.6 gallon capacity.   

7- Conical burr grinder. Grinder feeds coffee directly into the brew group.                                                      

8- For protection of electronic control & Bioilers, Gamea will shut itself off if not used for 30 minutes.     

9- Escape icon (ESC) on the lower right of the screen allows interruption of any function in progress.
10- Safety warning beeps when water is low, used coffee bin is full, when any part is missing or not returned in place correctly.   

NOTE: Automatic machines do not function right with powdery fine grind like semiautomatic home machines. Right grind fineness is like table salt grain for guaranteed best extraction of classic shots of Espresso, with rich crema. Powdery fine grind setting makes bitter espresso without Crema. 

* Fungus love coffee & collect invisible coat on used coffee pucks. Please empty the used coffee bin daily, rinse & replace.

* Clean Brew group daily & rinse it under tap water, wipe & replace.  

* Thin lining of slime builds inside the water tank of all espresso machines, if fresh water is not filled daily. Slime is secreted by micro-organisms & Bacteria.

Warranty: Price of Gamea Revo includes Standard one year warranty on electrical parts & labor. Customer pays shipping charges for shipping machine. Use of Oily beans voids warranty.

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