Jura Dispensing Valve with 2 O-Rings

Jura Heating Cartridge Outlet Valve
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Jura Dispensing Valve for Thermoblock

Jura Heating Cartridge/Thermoblock Outlet Valve complete, with 2 red or black O-Rings. Suitable for Jura Impressa C, E, F, S, X, GIGA and ENA models.

This is a two way heating cartridge outlet valve, aka dispensing check valve.  One is inlet from the thermoblock, and the other is outlet to the brew group drainage valve.  The primary function of this valve is to maintain enough water pressure required to brew an espresso.

In Jura Impressa E and F models, this outlet valve is installed upside down and is fastened to the boiler/thermoblock plastic casing with the screw.  See red circled item in the picture above.

Descaling is best done manually every two or three months. Order Best descaler (#DSC-6x2) from our online store.


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