Jura ThermoBlock Fluid Connector Kit, C-E-F and ENA Series

Jura ThermoBlock Fluid Connector Kit, C-E-F and ENA Series
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Jura ThermoBlock Teflon Tube Splitter/Connector Kit, for Jura Impressa C-E-F Series and Jura ENA models. Fluid tube 3-way connection distributor is connected via hair pin lock to the thermoblock outlet & distributes hot water & steam to the brew group & steam valve respectively. Teflon tube for hot water goes through thermoblock outlet valve & then to the brew group. Kit Includes: 1  F shape 3 way distributor, 3  hairpins, & 3 o-rings (red or black) for the teflon tubes. Use for Jura Impressa C, E and F Series and Jura ENA models.

If you are frustrated with Jura policies for not selling Jura parts & allow Fungus growth inside the machine by not allowing access to manually clean the brew group. Leave used coffee bin unclean for one week & notice fungus growth. Imagine what it will be like inside & around Jura brew group that has not been cleaned for several months & years. Please share your experience & write reviews to strengthen our efforts. Help new buyers know facts before purchase of new or refurbished Jura machines. CLICK HERE to share your experience with Jura policies.How difficult it is find Jura parts & repairs.

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