MPMK-14 - Millenium 14-pc. Maintenance Kit

MPMK-14 - Millenium 14-pc. Maintenance Kit
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LaPavoni 14-Pc. Kit for Millenium model. Do not use for Europiccola or Professional Pre-2000 models. See picture. Kit includes the following items:

  • P-53 - Piston Gaskets (2)
  • P-61 - Gaskets for Level Glass (2)
  • P-2 - Boiler Knob Gasket (1)
  • P-45 - Group to Boiler Gasket (1)
  • P-50 - Round Brass Washer (1)
  • P-51 - C-Clip (1)
  • P-58 - Teflon Washer (1)
  • P-49 - Mini Gasket (1)
  • P-23 - Steam Shaft Gasket (1)
  • MP-55 - Group Head Gasket (1)
  • MP-2 - Group Jacket O-ring (1)
  • 30 gm. Food Grade Lube


In the LaPavoni lever models the Calcium deposits collect on the heating element, cause it to short or crack its insulation. Calcium deposit clogs the  hole that links boiler to the level glass. Calcium also collects on the diaphragm of pressure switch. This can inactivate the heating element and water will not heat. . Calcium covered heating element will not heat water. Click Here to see Caclcium damage to heating element.picture.

Regular descaling helps to eliminate 70% of malfunctions and extends the life of the machine. Make sure the Descaling product used is authentic. and descaling process covers the espresso side of the system. Regular descaling helps optimum water temperature from the boiler. The steam jet will be strong for steaming.

Have you descaled your espresso machine lately? It is the single most important maintenance for all espresso machines. Cleancaf, Cafiza, Joe Glow, Brew Rite, Pulycaff are products sold as descaler but they contain only Baking soda which is totally ineffective. Use Axor select Best descaler #DSC-6, available on this Internet store. Click Here to order Axor Select Best descaler $DSC-6. 

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