Saeco Brew Group SBS, Smart V3 Incanto line

11003426/11003427 Saeco Incanto Brew Group with SBS system, Ceramic grinder models wnd PTFE coffee outlet tube.
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Saeco brew group Smart SBS with PTFE coffee outlet tube and low funnel. Use only if the machine has ceramic burr Grinder. This brew group will work only in Incanto Sirius SUP021YADR and similar models with SBS coffee adjustment system and with Ceramic Burr grinder. Do not order this brew group if the machine has a Conical burr grinder.  Please check the SUP number of your Saeco Incanto machine before ordering the brew group. SUP number is located on the bottom sticker of the machine. Also note the size of the wall funnel before ordering. The Incanto brew group with tall wall funnel is also available. CLICK HERE to review the Incanto brew group with tall wall funnel.

Compare the large image in the machine for all details of funnel and the SBS outlet valve at the top of brew group.

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Dimensions: 7" wide x14.5" tall x12" deep. 

Have questions? Call or email us for details.

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All Saeco models have service door for easy access to brew group & make the following coffee drinks:



Have questions? E-mail inquiries.

1- CLICK HERE for Espresso machine display & details.

2- CLICK HERE for Aulika Demo video.

3- CLICK HERE for Gamea Demo video

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