Saeco Filter Holder Gasket for SS boiler+Lube (65x36x16mm)

145841500 - 996530015809 Saeco Filter Holder Gasket+30 gm. Lube
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Saeco Filter holder gasket with small tube of food grade lube - Dimension of gasket=66x36x16 mm. Good for use in Saeco models with Stainless Steel boilers only. (Older models with Brass boilers use a different gasket). To avoid errors, please remove the old gasket. Compare it with image displayed on this page before ordering. Suitable for use in Saeco models Espresso Classico, Magic Cappuccino, Aroma, Barista SIN006, Barista Zia, Via Venezia, Athena, Gran Crema, Armonia, Poemia, Estro Profi, Rio Vapore, Super Idea; Gaggia Models: Cubika Plus; Use For Spidem Models: Essence; LaPavoni Models: Espresso Plus, Espresso SI, Espresso Inn, Pisa.

For installation remove the water tank. Turn machine upside down for clear ciew inside the group ring. Remove the screw and diffucion screen. Pour some hot Desscaling solution or Baking Soda solution for 10 or 20 minutes to soften the Calcium & Coffee sediment that has accumulated over a long period. Carefully skim the edges of the gasket from its lodging and remove. Pour more of the Descaling or Baking Soda solution to clean the space with a brush for new gasket. Apply thin layer of food grade lube included with the gasket. Insert the new gasket smoothly and press around its edges.

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