Saeco SS Boiler Valve + Screen + Screw

BVK5 - Saeco Semiautomatic SS Boiler Valve + Screen + Screw
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Saeco boiler valve 5 piece repair kit for Saeco semi-automatic models. The Saeco diffusion screen is a very poor quality part with few holes in a small diameter for smooth extraction of espresso. Once the quantities are sold out, these will be replaced by Precision diffusion screen. Suitable for Saeco StarBucks Barista SIN006, Barista Athena, Espresso Classico SIN015, Aroma SIN015XN, Magic Cappuccino SIN017, Estro Profi SIN006, Rio Vapore SIN006, Gran Crema SIN010, Via Venezia Redesigned SIN006XN, Via Veneto SIN013, Saeco Idea, Pavoni Pisa, and Pavoni Lusso.

To instal new kit remove water tank. Turn machine upside down for clear view and use short handle tools to place vertically, press down and turn. The valve screw can be difficult to remove. We have special ordered a key for full grip of valve screw and turn. Click Here to see the New Key to remove the old boiler valve without damaging the boiler valve housing.

The valve kit is available with special key needed for removing the valve screw. CLICK HERE to see details.

For exploded parts diagrams and Espresso maintenance information, please visit our website.

This kit is not good for Brass boiler. Please remove the Brass boiler and order another valve for Brass boiler. 

Descaling is best done manually every two or three months. Order Best descaler (#DSC-6) and follow authentic descaling process.

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