Selection of Hand made Antique Gold plated Nechlace sets

Selection of Hand made Antique Gold plated Nechlace sets
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  • Item #: Necklace+Ear Ring
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Free with purchase of Royal One Touch Cappuccino machine

Select one Hand made Necklace & Ear Ring sets

Saeco Royal One Touch Cappuccino machine

Convenient to Program & Operate with User friendly Interface

Easy access to Brew Group for daily rinsing/Cleaning

Reminder for water refill, Beans Refill, Empty Used coffee Bin, Descaling.

10 times better than any Jura, Breville or Semiautomatic espresso makers.

Ideal for Frustrated owners of Fungus infested Jura Espresso makers

Get rid of Jura machine

Choose the Best designned Convenient Royal O.T. model

2- Guru's Choice 50 50 BUZZ Beans 6x1-lb. Bags

Blend with 55% Premium Arabica & 45% Robusta Beans

Espresso roast beans

How to order:

Order the Royal One Touch machine & call us with

your choice of Necklace & Ear Ring set

and give reference number of your order

Free Necklace set will ship to same address for the machine.

Signed Delivery receipt will be required.

Offer cannot be combined with any other discounted sale.

Quantities of each pair is limited. Please mention 1st & 2nd choice

from the displayed styles of Necklace sets, left to right.

Sale with FREE Necklace is final. Orders cannot be cancelled or returned.

Best Values

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