Slim Tubular Boiler (120V)with 2x200mm hose & 4 Clamps

11023153 - 996530007586 Gaggia Brera Slim Tube Boiler Assembly 120V
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 Slim Tube Boiler (120V) assembly with 2 Hi-temp hoses 200 mm each and 4x 9.8 dia. Oetiker clamps. Please note this is new boiler used for generating steam only. Use For Gaggia Models: Accademia, Brera, Unica; Saeco Models: Energica Focus, Exprelia (Auto S.S., Evo, PSA), Intelia-Intuita (Focus, Evo, Class), Minuto (Cappuccino, Focus), Royal One Touch, Syntia (Cappuccino, Focus), Xelsis (Evo, ID).

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For routine maintenance of espresso machine:


To maintain optimum water temperature and pressure, descale your machine every 2-3 months. Regular descaling helps prevent 70% of common malfunctions. If cycles are missed for several months, then extra descaling is recommended. One descaling cycle cannot eliminate sediment accumulated over a long period of time. Furthermore, make sure to descale the espresso side of the machine, as well. Switch machine into pre-ground mode to complete descaling of espresso side. Automated electronic descaling does not clean the espresso side of the machine. Cleancaf, Cafiza, Joe Glow, Brew Rite and Pulycaff are sold as “Descaler;” however, these products consist mostly of Baking Soda, which is ineffective for removing sediment. Click Here to order Guru's Choice Best Descaler (DSC-6), which is available on this Internet store.

 1. Vinegar, R.O water or Distilled water does not eliminate the need to descale. Instead, it damages the boiler wall and gaskets.

 2. Avoid using dark roast oily beans. Oily beans and fine grinds produce over extracted coffee, which clogs the coffee grinder. Strong Coffee is made with less water (2-Oz or less).

 3. Do not refrigerate beans. They absorb moisture, which in turn clogs the grinder burrs and may cause them to rust. Clean coffee grinder (Built in or stand alone) every three months.

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