UNIC 3-cup filter holder complete

33133 UNIC 3-cup filter holder complete
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UNIC portafolters are exclusive for UNIC traditional espresso machines. Sold as compete assembly with cup and spout. These are beautifully designed handles. The 3-cup filter holder comes with 3-cup filter and triple spout.

“Do It Yourself” repair is possible with average technical skill & help with illustrated guides. Use discretion & make your own notes and mark parts & wires as they are separated. The illustrated repair guides do not make anyone instant expert.

Use the link for Saeco maintenance  instructions, diagrams and manuals. Maintenance instructions are downloadable free with purchase of this item. Service Manuals are for purchasing. Use the link below to find Maintenance Instructions, Manuals, Parts Diagrams and Service manuals:  http://shop.partsguru.com/Saeco_c834.htm.

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Have you descaled your espresso machine lately? It is the single most important maintenance for all espresso machines. Cleancaf, Cafiza, Joe Glow, Brew Rite, Pulycaff are products sold as descaler but they contain only Baking soda which is totally ineffective. Use Best descaler #DSC-6, available on this Internet store.

If you love espresso, love the espresso maker too. Maintain the espresso machine and extended its life.

Please make sure that the machine is connected to water line with water softener system installed and periodically re-charged as necessary. 

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