Ugolini O-ring Bowl for Delice 3L

22800.26418 Ugolini O-ring Bowl for Delice 3L
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Bowl O-ring for Ugolini Delice 3L. - Old or New. Sold with 30 gm. tube of food grade lube. 

For routine maintenance of  Zumex Juicers

1- Lubricate moving parts, seals and gaskets. It extends life of parts. Click Hereto purchase the NSF Approved Food Grade Lubricant for lubricating moving parts and seals.

2- Clean the upper and lower shaft and remove the pulp from groves and crevices.

3- Make sure the crushing wheels are tight. Any loose play will snap the peel ejectors.

4- Do not leave machine unclean for the next day.

5- To prevent damage to the four corners of the cover, use large washer under each fastening Knob. 

6- Sanitize product contact parts with NSF approved Stera Sheen Green. Click Here to order Stera Sheen Green.

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