Pavoni 2-Cup Filter Basket for models W/ Internal Group Sleeve

MP-68 Millennium/Professional 2-Cup Coffee Basket
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Two cup coffee basket (internal diameter 52mm) for Millennium and Professional models. Specific features of these models are below:

1- The boiler size is 16 cup. The boiler diameter is 100 mm.

2- The group has internal plastic sleeve threaded into the inside of group.

3- These models have steam pressure gauge.

4- The heating element is with single coil and has a reset thermal fuse..

5- The power switch is with green lighted rocker.

Millennium model has silver sticker at the bottom printed "MILLENNIUM".

Please make sure that you order the right filter basket. Wrong items will cost restocking fee and replacement shipping charge.

CLICK HERE for LaPavoni exploded diagram, maintenance information and parts list.

For routine maintenance:

1- Descale the machine every two or three months. It will improve water temperature and give full jet of steam.
Regular descaling helps to eliminate 70% of malfunctions and extends the life of the machine. Make sure the Descaling product used is authentic. Use of Vinegar, R.O water or Distilled water can damage the boiler wall and gaskets.

2- Calibrate the quality of espresso every day simply by using a Shot glass. Espresso collected in a shot glass gives an instant visual check of espresso quality by limiting the size, showing the color of espresso and the thickness of Crema. Order a shot glass free with purchase of a bag of Caffe Bella 100% Arabica blend medium roast espresso beans. Fall in love with espresso all over again,

It is the single most important maintenance for all espresso machines. Cleancaf, Cafiza, Joe Glow, Brew Rite, Pulycaff are products sold as descaler but they contain only Baking soda which is totally ineffective. Use Guru's Choice Best descaler #DSC-6, available on this Internet store. When descaling cycles are missed for several months need more than one descaling cycle to remove accumulated sediment. Click Here to order Guru's Choice Best descaler DSC-6. Click Here to download Descaling instructions.

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