Gaggia Coffee Thermostat L-107C Threaded M4 120V

Saeco 996530054556 (DM1168) Coffee Thermostat T-limit 107C
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  • Item #: DM-1168 M4
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Gaggia threaded Coffee Thermostat for all semiautomatic espresso machines. Temperature contol limit 107C. Threaded M4 stem. Used in most Gaggia old or new semi automatic home models Coffee, Classic Coffee, all Baby models 2006 and Pre 2006; Carezza, Tebe, Paros, Grimac Nuvola.

Excercise care while removing the thermostat. Do not appy excessive force.

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Water filters are expensive & not essential. They remove chemical taste in water which can be done using Brita filter installed on the water faucet.  Electronic descaling in fully automatic espresso machines using tablets is incomplete. Calcium sediment accumulates in the hydraulic system not covered by electronic descaling. It reduces flow of water, causing internal leaks & cause malfunctions with all kinds of error codes & expensive repairs.

Complete descaling is done by manually flushing the machine every two or three months. Order Best descaler (#DSC-6) from our online store. 

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