CAB Faby Tap Spring 22x80mm, 2 Pieces

SL310000685 Tap spring sold in pairs
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Faby tap spring. Sold in pairs. The spring seats inside the faucet housing and above the Tap pin. Lubricate the O-rings and space between them before installing. Use in Faby, SPM, Ice Dream, Ice Peak, Ice Frost & GBG, Staff & Sencotel slush machines.

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Replacement is allowed with additional shipping charges.

In the old bowls the spring was held by a Faucet cover. The Faucet cover has been discontinued. New bowls have a narrow faucet top opening. The spring cannot pop out of the narrow opening. In the old Bowl, in order to stop the spring pop out from the top, we suggest drilling a narrow hole across and slide a Dowel to hold the spring inside.



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