Faucet assy HT10-HT11-HT20- Pinch tube type

33800.00200 - CW 00318 Faucet assy HT10-HT11-HT20- Pinch tube type
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Dispensing Handle and Faucte valve assembly for us with Pinch tube. The dispensing handle and valve assembly is for use in Ugolini Juice dispenser models HT10 A/AL; HT11 & HT20. pinch tube type.

Please note the Bent Pinch tube part #22800.11500 is specific for use in model HT10/A/AL.

The Bowl part number 22800.11100 in model HT10/A/AL is different with extension lip in the front for specific use of the bent pinch tube part #22800.11500. Make sure you know the difference before placing order.

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For routine maintenance of juice dispensers:

1- Lubricate moving parts, seals and gaskets. It extends life of parts.

2- Keep condenser coil clean for maximum ventilation. It extends the life of compressor.

3- CLICK HERE  to purchase the NSF Approved Food Grade Lubricant for lubricating moving parts and seals. Sanitize product contact parts with NSF approved Stera Sheen Green sanitizer every two weeks.

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