How to Manually Prime Vibrating pump

How to Manually Prime Vibrating pump
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Instructions to manually prime an oscillating (vibrating) pump using a hand pump. Vibrating pump gets air locked and cannot pump air. This happens when

1- a new machine is operated first time If the water is not dispensed by turning the knob open, manual priming is advised.

2- when a pump operates without water in the water tank.

3- when the machine is take out from extended storage and pump is dried.

The pump is designed to pump water only and cannot pump air. An air locked pump will be noisier than the normal. Replacing the pump will not restore the function until some water is pumped into the pump manually/intentionally. This manual feeding of few drops of water is like a sip of water for a speaker with a dry throat. The hand pump is available in two sizes for semiautomatic (D=14 mm) and fully automatic models (D=17 mm).

CLICK HERE to download instructions:

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