IMS Precision 1 Cup Filter Basket 7/9 grams

1460101 Precision 1 Cup Filter Basket 7/9 grams
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Precision 1 Cup Filter Basket 7/9 gramsPrecision 1 cup filter basket for commercial espresso machines.  Capacity 7/9 grams of ground coffee.This precision filter basket fits almost all commercial regular and bottomless 58mm portafilters.  Dimensions: BORDER: Ø 70 mm (B70);  HEIGHT: 26.5 mm (H26.5);  BODY: Ø 60 mm for Ø 58 mm tamper;  RIDGE: external Ø 60,5 mm;  SHAPE: truncated cone;  with specific corner rounding

Please review the features and dimensions of the filter basket before placing an order.

I.M.S. perforation is exclusive and patented.  PERFORATED AREA: Ø 30 mm;  area optimized in relation to the shape of the filter.
NUMBER OF HOLES: 253 Hexagonal Spacing (E); The number and distribution of the perforations are designed to balance the delivery in relation to the height and shape of the filter and perforated area. HOLE DIAMETER: 0.30 mm
SHAPE OF THE HOLE: CIRCULAR with CONICAL cross section. COMPETITION PERFORATION: Relaminated and Recalibrated.

FINISHING: TUMBLING: Wet vibrofinishing with ceramic inserts and drying with corncob; PICKLING: Passivation and preparing of the material; ELECTROPOLISHING: smooth surface with unmatched sanitary and non-contaminating qualities is obtained.

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Make the following coffee drinks:


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