Jura O-Rings (2) for Drainage Valve Elbow Connector w/Lube

Jura O-Rings (2) for Drainage Valve Elbow Connector w/Lube
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Jura Brew Group Drainage Valve elbow connector o-rings, sold as pair. Suitable for all Jura home and commercial espresso machines.

Item number 805, as shown in the picture above.

Also, used in as coffee spout o-ring in Jura J5, J6, J9, and Z7.

Item number 324, as shown in the picture above.

The o-rings are used to seal the connection between the steam metal tube and the adapter from the inside.  Typically requires two o-rings per steam tube.

Please check and verify the part number, the size and material before ordering. The sale is final without return or refund option.

Before installation of O-rings, Gaskets and seals, we recommend that

1- Removing all old O-rings and gaskets out completely, without scratching or lines in the lining space.

2- Clean the space from crusts of coffee or Calcium deposits

3- Do not use sharp or pointed metal tools to clean the space or push/press the O-rings in a hurry. Such installation will always cause invisible scratches to the seat and damage the O-rings/Gaskets. The purpose of replacing the seals will be void.

4- When O-rings are used to seal ends of Teflon tubes, slide the O-ring first on the Tube end and then insert the tube.

5- Always apply a thin film of food grade lube first before inserting (No exceptions). It helps reduces force and prevents damage for smooth insertion and seating.

“Do It Yourself” repair is possible with average technical skill and help with illustrated repair guides. Guides do not make anyone instant expert, yet offer valuable help. Use discretion and make your own notes and mark parts and wires as they are separated.  

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