Jura Pressure Hose 340mm from Legris Connector

Jura Pressure Hose 340mm from Legris Connector
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Hose FEP 4x2.5x340mm with one o-ring.  The open ended/push connect side is inserted into the legris connector in the steam solenoid valve.  The other end (with a ferrule for hair pin lock) is connected to a steam valve in the front of the machine.

It can ALSO be used in hot water/coffee thermoblock outlet legris connector.  The ferrule end is connected to T distributor.

Pressure Hose is 340 mm in length.

Suitable for following Jura Impressa and Capresso models:

Jura Impressa S-Series
S7 - S8 - S9 - S90 - S95

Jura Impressa X-Series
X90 - X95

Capresso C3000

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