Jura Thermal Milk Container Kit - 11 Pieces

Jura thermal milk container kit
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  • Includes:
  • (2) Milk Tubes (360mm)
  • (2) Milk Hose Connectors for Thermal Milk Container
  • (2) Milk Hose Connector to Frother
  • (2) Milk Container Rubber Gaskets
  • (1) Milk Siphoning Tube Transparent Gasket
  • (1) Venting Tip
  • (1) Milk flow restrictor (properly warms up the milk)

Jura A5, A9, ENA 9, F7, F8 Frother-Thermal Milk Container Kit.

If your frother is not producing fine foam, then the Venting Tip May need to be replaced. The Milk Flow Restrictor properly heats up the milk for foamy latte's and cappuccino's. In all Jura espresso machines, the automatic frother does not properly heat up the milk.  The heated milk is luke warm, as a result, latte's and cappuccino's are not as warm as one would expect. The Milk Flow Restrictor resolves that issue. You have to try it to feel the difference.

Suitable for: A5 - A9 - F7 Aroma - F8 TFT - F85 - ENA 9 - ENA Micro 9.


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