Jura Transformer Step Down 120V to 9V

Jura Transformer Step Down 120V to 9V
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Jura Transformer input 120V output 9V,  Wiring harness is not included. It is sold separately. Suitable for all Jura models: A1;  A5; A7; A9; C5; C50; C55; C60; C65; C70; C75; C9; C90; D6; D60; E10; E20; E25; E6 Aroma G3; E60 Aroma G3; E70; E74; E75; E80; E85; ENA 3; ENA 5; ENA 7; ENA 9; ENA; Micro 1; ENA Micro 5; ENA Micro 8; ENA Micro 9; ENA Micro 90; ENA Micro Easy; F5; F50; F50 Classic; F55 Classic; F7; F70; F8; F85; F9; F9 Aroma G3; F90; F900; Impressa 300; Impressa 500; Impressa Cappuccinatore; Impressa Evolution; Impressa Scala; Impressa Scala Vario; Impressa Ultra; J5; J500; J6; J7; J80; J85; J9; J9.2; J9.3; J9.4; J90; J95; S50; S55; S7 Avantgarde; S70; S75; S8; S80; S85; S9; S9 Avantgarde; S9 One Touch; S90; S95; WE6; WE8; X5; X6; X7; X70; X8; X9; X90; X95; XF50; XF70; XJ5; XJ6; XJ9; XS9 Classic; XS90; XS90 One Touch; XS90 One Touch Aroma+; XS95; XS95 One Touch; XS95 One Touch Aroma+; Z5; Z5 GII; Z6; Z7; Z8; Z9;

Refurbish Jura brew group, with the Illustrated refurbishing guide (Part #0010764). 

The is step by step guide to dis-assemble & re-assemble brew group easily.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . .

For the Joy of coffee

Convenience, Quality & Comfort you like

Trade-in any old Jura espresso machine for $200, $400 or $700

For a New Lirika Plus, Lirika O.T. or Gamea & take off $200

For a New Saeco Royal O.T.C. for $400 adjustment or

For a New Aulika TOP High speed O.T. for $700 adjustment

Solid performance, cup after cup all day long

Removable  Brew group that can be cleaned in no time

(Old machines must be complete with its removable parts)


 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

CLICK HERE for Lirika One Touch Cappuccino Demo video

CLICK HERE for Aulika TOP High speed & Aulika Focus Demo video

CLICK HERE for features of Royal One Touch cappuccino

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

      Image result for saeco lirika o.t images                  Royal One Touch Cappuccino Machine             Espresso coffee machine / commercial / automatic AULIKA TOP Saeco                       

    Saeco Lirika Plus       Gamea Revo       Saeco Royal O.T     Saeco AuLika Top O.T                   

Make the following coffee drinks:


Have questions? E-mail inquiries. sales@partsguru.com

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