Jura Z9 Chromium Parts and Wiring Diagram 230V EU Version

Jura Z9 Chromium Parts and Wiring Diagram 230V EU Version
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Jura Z9 13693 Chromium 230V exploded parts breakdown in English, European version.  (As per restrictions of Jura, the Jura part numbers and Jura Logo have been removed). This original 30 page pdf document includes:

  1.  Parts Breakdown for all internal and external components of the machine such as brew unit, heating system etc
  2.  Power/Logic Board diagram
  3.  Hydraulic system diagram, and
  4.  Wiring diagram 230V

Allows the Jura Z9 owners get to know the internal components of the machine and useful for do it yourself repairs.

A link for the pdf document will be emailed after the order is placed.  Please do NOT open the link on mobile devices such iPad/iPhone or Galaxy Note.  Open it on PC or MAC & save it first.

We sell non-electrical replacement parts for Jura Z9 espresso machines.

Jura machines are made by Eugster/Frismag AG, that has three plants in Switzerland, one in Portugal and one in China.   We sell parts and repair all Jura machines.

          Calcium deposits inside the machine cause the following problems:

(1) reduces flow of water with partial or total clogging

(2) Calcium deposits generate back pressure causing internal leaks

(3)reduce pump pressure, reduce flow of coffee, water for coffee collects in drain tray

 (4) Ventilate sign will appear causing machine shut down & expensive repairs.

 Descaling is best done manually every two or three months. Please do not wait for reminders by the dumb machine.  Order Best descaler (#DSC-6) and follow manual descaling process. 

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