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EFC-KG1 - R208307/ F033/1.4 - Elmeco First Class Kenta 1st gear
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Elmeco First Class Kenta 1st gear. Kenta gears are without center pin or ball bearings. It is an all plastic white gear as shown in the picture. Large flange D=42 mm; Small gear (plastic) D=18.5 mm. This gear is good for use in Elmeco First Class slush machines only. It will not work in any other slush machine

Clean the old and dirty lube. Apply fresh lube like Cream Cheese on a Bagel. Overfilling is not helpful. This lubricant is heavy duty and can be used for lubricating moving parts that come in contact with mix.

Adjust the frozen product to be dispensed in a continuous drip to fill the cup. Chunky and dispensing makes the customers to pull handle several times causing the handle to break and also over frozen products damage the gear motor.

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For routine maintenance of Slush machines:

1- Lubricate moving parts, seals and gaskets. It extends life of parts.

2- Keep condenser coil clean for maximum ventilation. It extends the life of compressor.

3- Avoid serving over-frozen product and prevent damage to expensive gear motor and plastic parts.

4- CLICK HERE  to purchase the NSF Approved Food Grade Lubricant for lubricating moving parts and seals. Sanitize product contact parts with NSF approved Stera Sheen Green sanitizer every two weeks.

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