NM02.007 Saeco O-Rings

NM02.007   Saeco O-Rings
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NM02.007 and NM01.044 O-Rings for Saeco, Gaggia and Spidem Brew Groups; Titanium and Spidem Divina Steam pipe .  Sold as a Kit with small tube of Food grade lube.. Dimensions: ID= 6.07; OD= 9.63; CS=1.78 mm. This is a Viton O-ring and can be safely used in High temp applications where needed for its size. Sale is final with no refunds. See cross references below for its uses:

Saeco 140321861; 140321462; NM03.018

LaPavoni OP140321861; 465013

Gaggia DM041/088


To instal the O-ring, first remove the old O-ring and clean the space. Do not use pointed or sharp tools. Apply a thin film of Food grade lube for smooth insertion.

This kit is also used in Saeco, Spidem and Gaggia fully automatic models like all Vienna, Magic, Royal line, all Trevi and Divina line, Syncrony and Titanium models. Not right for Brew group Incanto Rondo 12Gm. piston.

For Parts Diagram, use link http://partsguru.com/user/11005921%20PRIMEA%20AND%20ALEA%20TOUCH%20PLUSEXPL_B~7.pdf

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