New Baby 2006 Steam Outlet Fitting+Oetiker clamps & o-ring

4332024000 Baby Steam Outlet Fitting with clamps and oring
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Gaggia steam outlet fitting for clamped connection. Inludes two Oetiker clamps 9.5 and O-ring (dm041/081) for boiler connection. Silicone hose is not included. Use for New Generation models Baby Gaggia 2006.

Parts diagrams, Manuals, Service Manuals & Repair guides for the following Brands are available upon request. Some documents will require purchase. Please mention make, model & serial number of your machine.

Espresso Brands Jura, Delonghi, Gaggia, LaPavoni, Rancilio Saeco, UNIC

Slush Brands CAB (Faby Skyling), Elmeco, GBG, Sencotel, SPM,Taylor, Ugolini, Zumex, 

Juice dispenser Brands Crathco, Gofrimell, Elmeco, Taylor, Ugolini

Technical support is also available if the make, model & malfunction details are known.




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