O-rings -02037 (4) with 30 gm. Lube

140322161 - O-rings -02037 (4) with 30 gm. Lube
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Saeco O Ring 140322161 (02037) in EPDM, Pack of 4 O-rings.  Includes 30 gm. tube of food grade lube. Used in all Saeco and Gaggia fully automatic models. 

Please compare the details given with position of its use on the diagram. If any doubt, ask for assistance before purchasing. The sale is final and no returns are accepted. To install, carefully remove old O-rings, clean the space for new O-rings. Apply thin film of lube for smooth insertion.

Descaling is best done manually every two or three months.
Order Best descaler (#DSC-6) and follow authentic descaling process.


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