Pannarello Guide frother assembly and correct use

Pannarello Guide frother assembly and correct use
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Pannarello frother assembly and correct use. The instruction guide to disassemble and assemble Pannarello frothers is provided as PDF document. The instructions are good for all Pannarello frothers, including Turbo frother (#227431350), Pannarello Black or white, (9990002), Duck head Pannarello used in Magic Comfort Plus Redesigned models.

This guide is prepared and made available to make the effectiveness and convenience of steaming and frother milk at home.

For daily cleaning flush steam after steaming is done. Weekly cleaning is done by cleaning the frother parts with s SteraSheen Sanitizer.

We are now able to supply components of the frother like outer sleeve; Lower insert, O-ring for the sealing of outer sleeve, Upper injecto, Cap for fastening and Rubber and plastic bushing inside the cap.

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