Saeco Boiler Support 1/8" Female"

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9011.185 Saeco Pre 2004 Steam Boiler 1/8" Female in Brass, used in steam boiler block. Good for use in Royal line and pre 2004 Rapd steam models. The Brass part is not available new. We will ship only used and cleaned part. Final sale used or not. Parts includes a D4 Hairpin lock, and 6 NM02.028 NSF, FDA High temp o-rings and 30 Gm. tube of food grade lube.

For replacing O-rings, make sure the old O-rings are removed and space for new O-rings is cleaned.

Slide the new O-rings on the end of Teflon tube. Apply a thin film of fodd grade lube supplied with the part. Insert deep inside the opening and use Hairpin lock to secure the connection. Pull the tube out to make sure that it is locked correctly.

For routine maintenance, descale the machine every two or three months. Do not wait for machine to remind. Do not use electronic method for descaling as it does not clean the espresso side of the machine. Do not leave the machine on when not in use.

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