Saeco Magic Royal Heat Exchanger repair kit

MDH-K14 - Saeco Magic Royal Heat Exchanger 14 piece repair kit
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Saeco assembled Heat exchanger is not available any longer. If you have the tools & time to repair it, we have the kit to repair. Kit used for heat exchangers in Pre-2004 models. This kit needs proper tools with some past mechanical skills. Do not attempt to experiment only to save. Kit is not returnable. Use for the following Saeco & Solis models:

  • Incanto Cappuccino SUP021Y;  Incanto Digital Rapid-Steam SUP021YDR;  Incanto Rapid Steam SUP021YR
  • Magic Comfort Digital SUP012D;  Magic Comfort+ SUP012DE;  Magic de Luxe SUP012;  Magic Family SUP005
  • Magic Roma SUP013;  Royal Classic SUP014;  Royal Digital SUP015;  Royal Digital SUP015R;  Royal Office SUP015V
  • Royal Professional SUP016;  Stratos SUP015ST; Solis Master 4000;  Solis Palazzo

1- There are four bolts in the four corners and one in the center. Use the right tool as wrong size screw driver will strip the bolts. 

2-  The two halves do not separate easily. Knock the sides with a medium size hammer at four corners and in the center to separate apart. Mark the two halves to re-assemble in the same position.

3- To remove the Calcium deposits soak the two halves in solution three or four times for an average 3-minutes at a time. Use Guru's Choice Best Descaler #DSC6, available on this site. 

4- Remove old O-rings at the Teflon tube connections and clean the space for new O-rings.

5- Seat the gaskets perfectly in the grooves before fastening the bolts back. Apply a thin film of lube on all O-rings.

6- To seal PTFE tubes, slide the two O-rings on the tube end first. Apply a thin film of lube & insert smoothly and lock with hairpin clip.To install the kit use the following guidance.

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