Saeco Magic Royal Vienna Brew Group Repair Kit

Saeco Magic Royal Vienna Brew Group Repair Kit Pre 2004
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Saeco Brew group 10 piece maintenance & repair kit. Suitable for Saeco Magic line, Royal line & Vienna line; Spidem's Trevi line, Stratos & Gaggia's Syncrony Digital & Syncrony Logic home espresso machines. kit Includes

(1) NM02.017 O-ring for Outlet Tube

(2) NM02.013 O-ring for Brewgroup Valve

(3) NM02.007 for Brew group Water Inlet

(4) AC2002 Saeco Brew Group Upper Filter Screen

(5), (6) AC20013 Saeco short Thumb Screw with O-ring

(7) AC20024 Saeco Piston Block

(8) V0018540 Saeco 9g Brew group Piston Gasket

(9) 9991.168 Glass check Valve

(10) 9161.222 Conical Spring

(11) Small Tube of Lube

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