Saeco Magic/Royal line Open Close & Fix Conical Burr Grinder

Saeco Magic/Royal line Open Close & Fix Conical Burr Grinder SUP012 and SUP016
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Open Close & Fix Magic line - Magic Deluxe, Magic Comfort Plus and Gaggia Syncrony Digital Grinder. Cleaning and adjustment of grinder is a little precision repair/maintenance. Please pay attention to details and make your notes. Mark the parts separated for easy reassembly. Note the colored marks before you shift. Make sure the marks are almost at the same position when closing. No hard copy, no return or refund available after purchase. The guide will be automatically emailed direct to the buyer. The illustrated guide includes the following topics:

Opening the shell of the machine.  Removing the upper burr to clean the grinding chamber.

Instructions for grind adjustments.  Instructions to disassemble grinder to replace Grinder motor.

Closing the grinder and the shell of the machine.

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Dimensions: 7" wide x14.5" tall x12" deep. 

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All Saeco models have service door for easy access to brew group & make the following coffee drinks:



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1- CLICK HERE for Espresso machine display & details.

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