Saeco PTFE Tube 2x4, L=180mm Hairpin lock both ends

227874600 - 996530030322 Saeco PTFE Tube 2x4, L=180mm both ends Hairpin lock
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Saeco PTFE tube 2x4 L=180 mm. connecting Heat exchanger to steam boiler. Both ends for hair pin lock (7-7). Four O-ring seals, two Hairpin clips and a 30 gm tube of food grade lube is included.  Before ordering, please remove the tube from the machine to verify the length of the tube & connections at the two ends, in the machine. Used in Pre-2004 models of Saeco, Spidem, Solis, & Gaggia fully automatic espresso machines. CLICK HERE for parts diagram.

To install, remove the 2 old O-rings from each end of the connections. Clean the space for new O-rings. Slide two new O-rings on each end of the PTFE tube. Apply a thin layer of lube and insert deep into the space to lock with Hairpins.

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