Saeco Plastic Screw+O-ring-Pre 2006 Brew Group

9161.164.150 Saeco Plastic Screw For pre-2006 Brew Group.
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Plastic screw for Saeco, Spidem and Gaggia brew group for pre 2006 fully automatic models. Includes O-ring Number P60025.

The screw has two flexible locking pins at the bottom. This plastic screw fastens the upper filter screen.The color of plastic is brown as grey color is not available. If you choose to receive the grey color only, please do not place your order.

The new plastic screw does not have the flexibble locking pins. If you receive the plastic screw with pins, simply break the pins and trim the ends to use it.

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Unique opportunity for a new espresso machine

Trade-in old & expesive to repair espresso machine

We accept any Jura, Breville, Saeco, Gaggia, Solis, Krups model

for disposal of the old and compensation from a New machine



We compensate the old machine as following:

$200 for New Lirika Plus, Lirika O.T.C., or Gamea

$400 for Saeco Royal OneTouch Cappuccino

$700 for Aulika TOP High speed O.T. for

Machines with solid performance, cup after cup all day long

Removable Brew group that can be cleaned in no time

(Old machines must be complete with its removable parts)

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Click here for Trade-in details.

CLICK HERE for Lirika One Touch Cappuccino Demo video

CLICK HERE for Lirika plus Demo video

CLICK HERE for Lirika Plus Demo video in spanish

CLICK HERE for Aulika TOP High speed & Aulika Focus Demo video

CLICK HERE for Royal One Touch cappuccino Demo video

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      Image result for saeco lirika o.t images                  Royal One Touch Cappuccino Machine             Espresso coffee machine / commercial / automatic AULIKA TOP Saeco                       

    Saeco Lirika Plus       Gamea Revo       Saeco Royal O.T     Saeco AuLika Top O.T                   

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