Auger shaft (Pre 1997 HT model only)

22800.15900 Auger shaft (Pre 1997 HT model only)

UGOLINI HT Inner Auger

  • Price: $59.00

Ceme Coil 230V 50Hz 22x29x32

Ceme Coil 230V 50Hz 13.5VA 22x29x32

 Solenoid coil 22x29x32

  • Price: $29.99

Condenser coil cleaning brushes Pair.

Condenser coil cleaning brushes

 Kit includes 2 Condenser Brushes.

  • Price: $25.00

Defrost Timer 24/7 with Extended Control Switch 120V

Defrost Timer 24/7 With extended control Switch 120V

Defrost timer for with adjustment with 15 minute increments.

  • Price: $180.00

Fin Comb pair double sided

Fin Comb pair double sided

Fin Comb 8 & 10 Fins per inch

  • Price: $18.00

Solenoid Valve 3-Way 220V for Slush machines

SL300970157 Sencotel/GBG/FSM 3-Way Solenoid Valve with coil 120V

3-Bowl solenoid valve and coils 220V

  • Price: $360.00

Solenoid Valve Body with Coil 120V for 2-Bowl Slush Machines

SL3GS24711D/SL300951230/SL3GS24711A Solenoid Valve with coil 120V for all slush machines

UGOLINI, Sencotel, GBG, CAB Faby, FSM, Elmeco

  • Price: $295.00

Solenoid Valve Body with Coils for 3-Bowl Slush Machines

SL300970157-SL-3GS36711D-4.57 - Solenoid Valve with Coil 230V 3-Bowl Slush machines. Use for all 3-Bowl slush machines. GBG/FSM, Sencotel, Ugolini, Staff, Elmeco, SPM.

Valve body with 3 Coils, 120V

  • Price: $350.00

Tap Handle (Blue) Sencotel/GBG/FSM

SL320000043 Sencotel/GBG/FSM Tap Handle (Blue)

GBG Tap handle Dark Blue.

  • Price: $25.00

Tap Handle Black - Sencotel-GBG-FSM

2.80 BLACK - SL3GS12040D Sencotel GBG Faucet Handle Black

Sencotel Grani Smart, Grani Time, Grani Sherbet, GSM, and Grani Cream

  • Price: $24.00

Ugolini & Taylor slush machines 1st gear

22800.22639 - 00164L - G0030055 - I0030055 1st gear Ugolini and Taylor Bras models

1st Gear for all Ugolini & Bras models

  • Price: $65.00

Ugolini Bowl Gasket HT, NHT, MT & Taylor FCB 2.7 gal.

22800.17200 - 00653 - Ugolini Bowl Gasket HT, NHT, MT & Taylor FCB 2.7 Liter models

HT, NHT, and MT, Arctic compact & Deluxe

  • Price: $54.00

Ugolini Freeze control Microswitch - All models

Ugolini Freeze control Microswitch 16A 250V - All models

Ugolini freeze control Microswitch Normally open.

  • Price: $14.99

UGOLINI Gear Motor Shaft Plastic Bushing - HT, NHT models

Ugolini front Bushing Pair HT, NHT models

Fits UGOLINI HT and NHT models

  • Price: $18.00

Ugolini GIANT Gear Motor Complete 120V

Ugolini Giant Gear Motor 120V

GIANT Model Only

  • Price: $595.00

UGOLINI MT, NHT, GIANT Solenoid Coil 115V, 6W

UGOLINI NHT Solenoid Coil 115V, 50/60 Hz. Dimension: 22 mm Wide x 32 mm Deep x 30 mm High,

WB4.5 6W 115V

  • Price: $47.00

UGOLINI Second Gear MT, Mini MT, HT, and NHT models

00167 - 22800.22640 Second gear (MT, HT,NHT Ugolini & Bras models)

Fits Ugolini MT, Mini MT, HT, and NHT models

  • Price: $74.00

Universal Compressor Relay

W0570638-W0570618-W057086 Wilch Compressor Relay

Universal Compressor Relay.

  • Price: $40.99

Ugolini Bowl 2.7 Gallon, MT, HT, NHT Models and Taylor FBM

22800.17404 - 00106 Ugolini Bowl for HT, MT, MT-1P & NHT Models

Ugolini bowl 2.7 Gal. MT, NHT, and HT Models

  • Price: $298.00