UNIC Rumba espresso machine 2-Group

UNIC Rumba espresso machine 2-Group
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UNIC Rumba are amongst the finest designed espresso machines. Download free Rumba Catalogue. Introductory price for limited time. Price includes 2-year warranty on parts and one year labor with recommended maintenance.

Machines will be shipped direct from factory.Featuring:


  • Designed for high turnover
  • Boiler with hot water/coffee/steam : 10 L
  • Automatic refilling
  • 2 extraction groups
  • Twin pressure gauge – pump and steam pressure
  • 6 dispensing volume options per group
  • Full size internal rotating motorized pump
  • Hot water and steam by dual control (continuous and pulse)
  • 2 Steam outlets – option of metal, Teflon or auto
  • 1 Hot water outlet
  • Dimensions: ((W x D x H)) 25 x 22 x 20”
  • Power Mode: Single phase
  • Voltage: 208V / 30 amp
  • Total power: 4700 W
  • Net Weight: 166 Lbs

  Teflon steam wand for steaming, modular electronic controls, dual water level control and safety system. Digital display of extraction time, high output water valve, 3-way push button switches for steam and hot water and 10 liter boiler with thermal stability, triple safety valves pressure gauge and three stage heating element.

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