Ugolini Bowl 2.7 Gallon, MT, HT, NHT Models and Taylor FBM

22800.17404 - 00106 Ugolini Bowl for HT, MT, MT-1P & NHT Models
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10 Litre/2.7 Gallon, Transparent Bowl for Ugolini NHT, HT, and MT models.  Also fits BRAS granita machines. Does NOT fit Ugolini GIANT and Mini MT models.

Also, Bowl is used for Taylor FBM 10 Liter. Taylor Model 369, 370, and 371.


Suitable for Ugolini Models MT, HT, MT1P and NHT. It is a 2.7 gallon bowl with a Max. mark line.

Do NOT overfill. Product expands upon freezing and will overflow, causing a mess. Size = 12" from front to back; 6" side to side and 8" deep.

CLICK HERE for exploded parts diagram and maintenance information for Ugolini slush machines.

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