Water Intake Filter

144650100-996530015427 Water Intake Filter with Silicone Tube (5x8, 300mm)
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Water intake suction filter FOR 260 micron tube D=8mm. Use for all semiautomatic models with water tanks connecting direct to the pump. Hose is sold separately. AG10041

Use for semi-automatic models of Saeco, Gaggia, LaPavoni. Expobar, Astra, Astoria, CME, Giatto, Rancilio, Breville, Nuova Seminolli, Pasquini, Francis Francis, and others.

We sell Saeco's Best Royal One Touch espresso machine

Convenient, programmable, Easy to maintain, access to parts,

service and after sale service throughout USA

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For routine maintenance of espresso machine: 

CLICK HERE for Espresso maintenance DOs & DON'Ts

1- Descale the machine every two or three months, for optimum water temperature and full jet of steam. Regular descaling helps to eliminate 70% of malfunctions and extends the life of the machine. It is the single most important maintenance for all espresso machines.

Cleancaf, Cafiza, Joe Glow, Brew Rite, Pulycaff are products sold as descaler but they contain only Baking soda which is totally ineffective.

Click Here to order Guru's choice Best descaler #DSC-6, available on this Internet store. Make sure the espresso side of the machine is descaled. Automated electronic descaling does not clean espresso side of the machine.

CLICK HERE for instructions on proper descaling .

2- Avoid using dark roast oily beans. Oily beans and fine powdery grind setting makes over extracted coffee and clogs coffee grinder, cause malfunctions and damage to grinder. Strong Coffee is made with less water (2-Oz or less).

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