Water softener Cartridge (water tank w/out valve)

0500DC - Descaler Cartridge (All Semiautomatic tank models)
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Cation exchange resin. Water softner chemical for pour-over tank model semi automatic espresso machines. One cartridge good for 1000 shots of espresso. Connect the cartridge spout (nozzle) to the end of water intake tube and leave submerged in the water tank. Water feed from the tank will pass through the cartridge and the activated grains in the cartridge will remove the minerals from water before it enters the machine pump. Use for all semiautomatic models. of Expobar, Brewtus, ECM Barista, Office, Saeco semiautomatic models SIN006, Espresso classico, Via Veneto, Magic Cappuccino, Rio Profi, Aroma, Athena, Grancrema, Super Idea & more, Gaggia semiautomatic Baby, Coffee, Classic, Tebe, Paros, LaPavoni Pisa, Espresso, Rancilio Silvia, Giotto, Bricoletta, Stella, Oscar, and any other semi automatic home espresso water tank models.

Before installation, descale the machine to completely remove the previous Calcium deposits that may be in the system. Use Best descaler DSC-6x2 to ensure that previous deposits of Calcium sediment is removed. It may need more than one descaling cycles to remove previous accumulated deposits. Timely replacement of cartridge is important.

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