Why we recommend Gamea Revo Espresso

Why we recommend & sell Gamea Revo automatic espresso machine
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Based on our over 25-year experience, we Technicians at PartsGuru pooled the Best features of several Brands to have Gamea designed by Italian designers & parts. Eliminated multiple part steam valve, boiler valve, knobs, buttons & switches which caused leaks, malfunctions and breakdowns. Used commercial grade components & touch screen (inspiired by Cell phones screen) .The Gamea Revo design uses a display screen with App-like Icons to Operate & Program functions.

CLICK HERE for feature details.                 CLICK HERE for Gamea Demo Video

CLICK HERE for descaling Video on Gamea espresso machines.

The internal steam dispensing valve, water valve, boiler valves have been replaced with commercial solenoid valves. Simple dispensing faucets with cup height adjustment fro 2" to 4". We have Saeco style brew group for high quality coffee extraction. The design uses Conical burr grinder (20 times better than Ceramic burr grinder used in Philip-Saeco models).

With use of commercial components & and 20% fewer parts Gamea Revo was born. Gamea fully automatic  espresso maker is simple to program, operate & clean.

Gamea Revo has changed the way clasic espresso is made.

It works like a champ & excels or exceeds the features & performance of famous expensive Brands like Jura, Delonghi, Krups and Philip/Saeco-Gaggia models (made in 2006 or after).

About difficulties with use of Jura machines

Jura marketing policies restrict owners of Jura be not able to buy parts, and access machine for internal cleaning. Jura is a private label name. The external parts are made in China. Electronic parts are made in Portugal. Internal parts are from Italy. Lately the assembly operations have been moved to Portugal. We do not recommend or sell Jura machines.


The exclusive Philips parts Fulfilment center in USA does not stock and over 60% parts are back ordered for 6 to 10 weeks. We therefore stopped recommending or selling Philip-Saeco machines made in or after 2006.  

Below we have highlighted & compared Gamea Revo with detailed features from famous Brands:

1- Gamea Revo is designed with easy access to brew group for cleaning and lubrication.  Jura does not allow access to clean Brew group. As a result Jura brew group is filthy with fundus growth. Moisture & leaked water encourage Fungus growth & area around Jura brew group is unhygenic. 

2- Gamea Revo design eliminates steam & hot water valves, replaced by simple long lasting Solenoid valves. Solenoid valves are simple like an on-off switch, very durable & used in commercial espresso machines.

3- Coffee dispensing faucet in Gamea Revo is simple with adjustable cup height 3" to maximum 4.25".

4- Coffee dispensing faucets in Jura are complicated design & cause of frequent function problems. The coffee dispensing faucets in Jura, Saeco & Gaggia models have very complicated design and frequent cause for frequent clogging. Machine cannot be used & cleaning is not easy when coffee passage is clogged.

5- The coffee dispensing faucet in ENA series is an engineering nightmare. It ia a complicated design and the worst of any other in this category. Replacement of faucet assembly is expensive & very difficult to replace.

6- The dosing device in Gamea Revo has been eliminated. Grinder empties coffee grounds directly into the brew group.  Saeco & Gaggia Pre 2006 models with conical burr grinders have dosing device with 18 parts.

7- Boiler valve is eliminated in Gamea Revo as the brew group connects directly with Heat exchanger through a simple & durable Solenoid valve.

8- The Knobs, function switches or push buttons have been replaced in Gamea with a Touch screen with icons. The Touch screen Technology allows programing & functions  election at finger's touch like Apps in a cell phone.

9- Gamea Revo uses the best features of all famous brands & eliminates the useless & complicated plastic assemblies of valves & dispensing faucets.  

With elimination of unnecessary  plastic valves & faucets assemblies at least 20% parts have been eliminated in the Gamea Revo design. Gamea Revo has 20% less problems.

The machine was designed in Italy. Important parts made in Italy. Due to high cost of labor in Italy, the machine was assembled in China.

Please email us your questions & concerns.



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Do not 'Ever' buy any pre-ground coffee. It is too fine for home espresso machine. It is stale. It is mixture of floor swept bean scrap.

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Do not refrigerate or freeze beans. They absorb moisture, which in turn clogs the grinder burrs and may cause them to rust. Clean coffee grinder (Built in or stand alone) every three months.

Calibrate the quality of espresso every day by making espresso in a shot glass. A shot glass limits the coffee size, allowing a visual check of espresso quality. Examine the color of espresso and the thickness of Crema. For making American coffee, dilute espresso with hot water from the same machine, instead of passing more water from the same ground coffee to add bitter & burnt taste.

Best Values

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