Zummo Citrus juicer model Z1C (Efficient Vertical Squeezing)

Zummo model Z1C
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Zummo Orange juicers offer a vertical squeeze system. Unlike the Zumex squeezing systems which uses crushing of sliced half Oranges , the Zummo Vertical System cuts the orange in two halves and a natural press system to extract the juice without touching the peel thereby obtaining a juice without oils and acidity squeezed from the peels. Model Z1C is good for almost any size Restaurant, Deli & Pizzeria where a display location is possiblefor higher impact sales. The juicer will change the success outlook and need for a bigger size juicer.

We recommend & sell World's Best Zummo juicer

as Zummo juicers have fewer parts, to clean & maintain.

Zummo juicers squeeze 10% more juice than all other juicers.

Zummo juicers have patented  Efficient Vertical Squeeze (EVS) system.

Juices squeezed from Zummo taste fresh & better, free from skin oil & pesticides.

The squeezing mechanical uses cups like two hands grab the fruit & slice on the blade

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                                             Zummo model Z06              Zummo model Z01


CLICK HERE to watch Demo Videos for Model Z01 (10 times better than ZUMEX juicers)

CLICK HERE to watch Demo Videos on Model Z06 (10 times better than Zumex juicers)


ZUMMO Juicers make a New Profit center for Businesses, Diners, Rentals, Catering & more


VERTICAL SQUEEZING SYSTEM produces 10% more juice
This means higher profitability for your business.



CLICK HERE & watch the squeezing mechanism

Zummo Orange Juicers unlike Zumex juicers, have 20% fewer parts, therefore, less maintenance costs.

FEED BACK: We have worked with Zumex Juicers for 20 years. Our experience with Zummo juicers has given a new perspective on how a better designed juicer can save on parts and 10% higher yield of Juice. The Zumex has rotating squeezing wheel system that crushes the fruit & splashes the juice on the front cover and inside, causing waste and acid damage to plastic parts.  

The Zummo juicers offer the right siize of juicer for all sizes of business. The juicers are so efficient and effective that the manufacturer offers a 3-year warranty as an added Bonus.

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