Petrol Gel NSF Approved Food Grade Lube 4 Oz. tube

Petrol Gel NSF Approved Food Grade Lube 4 Oz. tube
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Food Grade Lube, one tube of 4 oz. Food grade lube is used for lubrication of moving parts and sealing gaskets and O-rings. Petrol Gel is the purest of lubricants, made with an odorless, tasteless, high viscosity index paraffinic base oil. Petrol Gel is NSF Approved and is compounded with appropriate food grade additives to meet the performance demands for all recommended applications.

This is an essential part of maintenance of food and beverage dispensers. All seals and moving parts must be lubricated to prevent leaks and extend life of parts by reducing friction.

Descaling is best done manually every two or three months. Order Best descaler (#DSC-6x2) from our online store and follow authentic descaling process. Scroll down to the bottom of page for more Descaling info.

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