Elco 2nd Gear with 13 MM Bearings

EG-2 - 90166 - 1039031 Elco 2nd Gear with 13 MM Bearings
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Elco 2nd Gear with 13mm Bearings pressed on each side. Elco 2nd gear has large plastic flange (D=49.5 mm).& a small metal gear (D= 17 mm),  Use for all Elco gear motors in GBG, Faby, FSM, SPM, Ice Frost and Elmeco Mach models. Do not use this gear for Elmeco 1st Class gear motors

Before ordering the gear, please compare the picture and check that the gear motor in your machine is Elco with 13 mm bearings on wither side.. 

CLICK HERE to watch Gear motor repair video guide on our You Tube Channel Parts Guru USA

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